The battle of light vs. dark, good vs. evil plays out in our lives all the time, which is why it is a perennial

theme in Star Wars and a zillion other movies.

Negative energy appears in many different forms, often creating fear in us that has a huge impact on us
individually and collectively. Fear is humanity’s Achilles’ heel but we can lift ourselves out of it.

From little ways every day through to global upheaval, the GOOD NEWS is, once we discover how to deal
effectively with them, bad vibes don’t stand a chance! Welcome to Bad Vibe Busters®

The emPower of One

Are you struggling?
Are you experiencing bad vibes?
Do you want to enhance your/our world?

  • When you choose to say ‘No!’ to bad vibes…
  • When you choose FOR you rather than AGAINST you…
  • When you choose to step into greater…
  • When you envision a new earth reality…
  • When you let your inner light shine…

… it’s a power for good!

May the Force be with you!
Are you ready to wield your inner lightsaber?

You’ll find insights, inspiration, encouragement and lots of great tips to emPower yourself here.


The Buster Collective

When dramatic world events cause us to feel shocked, threatened and powerless, that is the very time to unite and rise together.

No upheaval or ill will is more potent than our capacity to rise above, shine our light, choose something greater, and unite in our vision for a new earth.

Potency through emPowered people! We can choose to shine and bust bad vibes as we come together to take a stand in the light.

We’re plotting to offer you opportunities to mobilise your magnificence and participate in collective, cumulative awesomeness through FREE online bad vibe busting and other initiatives…meanwhile be uplifted and inspired by these examples…


The Buster Booster

Could you use a helping hand? There’s nothing wrong with calling for back up! Sometimes we can D.I.Y. but other times a helping hand can make all the difference. We all need a boost from time to time.

Paradoxically, supportive, insightful assistance can boost your self-empowerment. Buster Booster is all about offering you additional resources when you need help to bust some bad vibes or you want to boost your capacity to choose and create a better inner and outer world.

Here you’ll find assorted resources, Buster tips, Buster sessions and more – all on a mission to supercharge your trajectory!


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