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We believe there is more than one truth, we celebrate diversity and everybody’s right to decide for themselves.

We merely present an invitation for anyone who is curious to explore new horizons to consider some of these interesting things …

A philosophical proposition


A philosophical proposition

There’s an ancient philosophical concept that suggests when something unknown is presented to you, the wisest response is to neither accept or reject, but rather, stay open to the possibility … and if you want to take it further, test it in your own experience to decide if it’s true for you. Experiential is the key.

It goes on to posture that to outright accept something as truth based on accepted norms or what somebody else says is not considered wise, and this has been known to lead to such things as control of the masses and the success of cults.

Similarly, to outright reject something is not considered wise (especially when our worldview tends to be shaped by collective and personal beliefs based on quite a limited perception of life and existence), as it removes the possibility altogether for broadening one’s perspective and expanding one’s experiences.

Staying open to the possibility provides us with the best chance to understand the world better through curiosity, healthy discernment and experiencing new things.

Young woman thinking with question mark circulation around her h

A missed opportunity

A missed opportunity

When Maia posted details on Facebook of a therapeutic sound event, one man responded sarcastically, asking for scientific proof of the ‘claims you are making’. Maia didn’t have time to engage in a discussion, and instead offered the man to come along to the event at no cost, have the experience and then decide for himself whether it had any value. The man’s response was quite derogatory. He went straight to rejecting outright something he didn’t have any insight into, even though it was conveniently in his local area and would cost him nothing. In his world he got something out of it – he enjoyed having a laugh at it, and felt good about his point of view (we humans tend to seek evidence to support what we believe, so we can be right and feel good about ourselves.) However by not being open to it, he totally missed the gift of the invitation and the opportunity to experience something new – and in all probability have a profound experience (the most common response). When people don’t know what they’re missing, they’re none the wiser – ignorance is bliss, right? It’s about free will and it’s about choice, and no doubt he’s happy with his choice, so all power to him. Life’s awesome like that – we all get to choose!

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” 
Albert Einstein

Open minded reward

Open mindedness rewarded

An extraordinary thing happened in 2012, on the American TV show, ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’ A young man auditioning described himself as an ‘exorcist dancer’. In mainstream society where such things can so easily be rejected outright and ridiculed, the judging panel and the audience appeared to be cautiously open to seeing what he was about. It is only by having the experience that any of us can truly access how real/true something is for us. By being open, they got to have an extraordinary experience. As an aside, kudos to this young man who was so powerfully in his own truth and willing to expose his jugular to the world. And kudos to the world, for being more ready and more open to experience it than what would have been possible years ago.

(For those who are curious, our perception of his performance is that he understands energy and works with it in a powerful way. Whether you believe this or not, it cannot be denied that his unconventional offering affected the majority who witnessed his audition in a potent and profound way.)

Skeptical or cynical?

Skeptical or cynical?

In an interview with The AU Review, John Edward (famous psychic) nailed it when asked ‘How do you deal with skeptics?’

“There’s skepticism that I encourage and I tell people everywhere that they need to be skeptical about the subject matter because there are many people that claim to do this work. Some may have the ability, but they don’t understand what they’re doing, and that’s equally as dangerous as someone that’s a fraud and a charlatan. I think it’s important to be aware of who you’re sitting with and to be skeptical of the experience.

“The second category is the cynics who call themselves skeptics. They’re not really skeptical as they’ve already made up their mind that they’re not going to shift their belief system, or shift the fact that they don’t have a belief system. They are usually atheist or agnostic and they come from that place of ‘I don’t believe’. Their actual belief system is to choose not to have one. But to the people who are skeptical, I think that’s important, I encourage it.”

Another compelling point was made by Albert Einstein …

“Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.”

(Maia was guilty of this! She started her life in a very conventional way so she understands and relates to people thinking metaphysical things are fruit loop territory! She remembers many years ago laughing at ‘out there’ things that she concluded were ridiculous and totally entertained herself with deriding them! How things change! Fortunately!)

Here’s a very interesting website for anyone who is whole-heartedly embracing skepticism.

Invisible pink spotted elephants

Invisible pink spotted elephants?

A story on 60 Minutes some 30 years ago had quite a profound affect on Maia, opening her up to the possibility of things unseen.

A man who was making metaphysical claims asked the interviewer something along the lines of, “What would you say if I told you there were invisible pink spotted miniature elephants floating above your head right now?”

The interviewer replied, “I’d say prove it.”

“Ah!” the man responded, “And I would say, prove that they are not!”

Whether he could really see invisible elephants, or whether he was simply making something up for the purpose of the exercise, he made a really good point. If you can’t prove something either way, the intelligent response is to consider it in the realm of possibility until such time as it is either proved or disproved.

Mad Professor in smoke and goldfish, art concept


Explain these!

Wrap your head around these!

Here’s a couple of unexplainable news stories to contemplate…

Officers Who Pulled Unconscious Baby from Car in River Heard Calls for Help

Did Guardian Angel Save Teen? Katie Lent Saved By Mysterious Priest After Crash

Here’s a mind-warping article about how quantum physics is delving into multi-dimensionality and parallel realities and universes – a reminder that we don’t know what we don’t know!

Here’s an interesting ghostbusting news story – not only the subject, but the fact that a credible source such as the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) is reporting it as a serious news story – just one of numerous indications becoming evident which show that we are collectively becoming more open and more willing to explore things beyond what we know.

Quantum Phase: Time, Parallel Realities and The Brain


The skeptic test!

Chart task_4-01


Here’s a very interesting website for anyone who wholeheartedly embraces scepticism.


Tarred with the same brush

Tarred with the same brush

There is a commonly occurring flaw in logic around the subject of metaphysics. When one energy worker or alternative health practitioner or psychic is exposed as a fake, the assumption and the claim is often made that they are all fake. Yes, there are charlatans in the ‘new age’ industry, but there are also charlatan doctors, financial planners, lawyers, dentists, etc. – so if one charlatan dentist is exposed, do you assume all dentists are bad?

Hmm … what magic might show up in your world if you stay open to the possibilities?


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