How much more awesomeness might show up?




What a gift! This is such a brilliant example of how we can shoot ourselves in the foot by being on auto-pilot based on past experiences/old reference points, beliefs, assumptions and conclusions. I only just witnessed this happening big time in a chat with someone yesterday. What they lost out on was YUGE and they couldn’t even see it – and of course, the gift in that is to keep me more on my toes for the times I do this too. We have countless choice points every day.

What would it create if we met each new moment as a new beginning (which, of course, it is) and be open and curious enough to obliterate defaulting to the negative and actually be present to what else might be possible?

How much more awesomeness might show up?!!!

(Thanks to Terry Lee Wilson for the original Facebook meme that I just had to share here!)

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