Wanna kick anxiety to the kerb?




Awesome! Let’s add to it: Question your thoughts. (You are not your thoughts!) Are they actually true? Do they belong to you? What would it create if you gave more attention to the thoughts that help you feel better rather than thoughts that cause you to spiral lower?

Plus, if anxiety is out of character for you and you have recently started taking any pharmaceuticals, you may want to read the small print regarding side effects and ask your doctor about possible alternatives.

Oh, and if you listen to music, how about choose songs with encouraging and/or uplifting lyrics, or meditative music designed to enhance feelings of wellbeing?

And if you create something, why not do it for the joy of it as a child would, rather than judge it and compare it with others or societal standards? It’s the process more so than the outcome that is the miracle. (And you might just surprise yourself along the way.)

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