Bad Vibe Busters® holds a vision to:

Be an invitation to all to see more clearly what is playing out in the balance between the light and the dark at this critical time in humanity’s evolution, and how each of us plays a crucial role.

Be an uplifting, positive resource and events platform for busting bad vibes and inspiring us all to rise above negativity, despair, hopelessness, fear and divisive tactics and liberate ourselves with more empowered choices.

Illuminate the global collective call for change that is gaining momentum, and harness and expand it in any way possible.

Encourage us all to fully embrace the beacon of light we are and unite in choosing, envisioning, co-creating and championing the new earth reality we all wish for.



The Bad Vibe Busters® target is to roll out the ‘coming soon’ offerings on this website as soon as possible (and later, a whole bunch of other wonderful stuff that’s bubbling in the wings); i.e. as soon as the resources are available. Part of the vision is to find and/or create the resources, including a great team of like-minded magical beings! (Don’t be shy now!)


From Humanity I to Humanity II


Think of Humanity II as a new upgrade. Humanity I is an out of date model and needs to be replaced. Humanity I is how we have collectively been functioning for thousands of years. Humanity II is all the exciting glimpses we are seeing of a new world reality that is tangible and possible and starting to show up – but we have to choose it, and step up to it. We need the new model upgrade in order to achieve peace in our lives, a thriving planet and peace on earth.

The term ‘Humanity II’ comes from a parable of Kryon, in which the ship of humanity is sinking, we’re in the lifeboats and it’s a choice whether we stay in a lifeboat, drown or climb aboard the new ship ‘Humanity II’. Anyone who doesn’t choose the new ship is destined to either perish or be stuck in drama.

The good news is that we have a choice.
The question is, which do you choose?

Our vision is to inspire and encourage you to choose Humanity II – to be the change you want to see in the world. We all need to be that for each other – both for our own sake and for the sake of the planet.


Take the Humanity II pledge!


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