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Let’s unite in our vision for a new earth!

Together we stand, divided we fall. When bad vibes go down and we succumb to fear and hate and divisive tactics, the bad vibes win! We’re onto that game and we don’t intend to play it. We’re all about unifying to create and action collective, cumulative awesomeness – it’s the best way to obliterate bad vibes and choose instead to thrive!

Science is proving group consciousness has an effect on the world! Woo hoo! Kick ass potency through emPowered shining people! We can bust bad vibes by coming together to take a stand in the light.


Time is now

Dr. Wangari Maathai (Nobel Peace Prize Laureate)

You’re welcome to join us here at Bad Vibe Busters as we unify!

Collective awesomeness looks like this…

Paris march: Global leaders join ‘unprecedented’ rally in largest demonstration in history of France

And this article pings for us too! Did they get into our heads or something?!!!!

We Are From the Future — Next Stage: Revolution of Love

And how wonderful that we can also come together for the joy of it – the joy of this concert crowd unified for a shared, fun purpose is a fabulous example of what we can create when we come together!

Here’s another collective that has a powerful message and will create change for the better – Veterans for Peace.

You’re also invited to Take the Humanity II Pledge!

Coming in 2016: FREE online events!


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