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An assortment of resources for you to call on when you need help to bust some bad vibes or you want to boost your capacity to choose and create a better inner and outer world.

IMPORTANT: Bad Vibe Busters® is not a resource or substitute for emergency or crisis situations, urgent or non-urgent medical or psychiatric treatment, crisis care intervention/treatment or law enforcement. We recommend people utilise their local services.





Awesome links ~ This is where we share links to many potent, free personal development resources, plus websites, movies and more.

I blog therefore

Buster Blog ~ Video and written blogs offering more insights on ways to bust bad vibes.


Buster tips ~ This is where we provide a general assortment of our own offerings of free content in contribution to your life and living.

seek help

Seek help ~ If you are struggling or know someone who is and you are looking for help or information, here is an assortment of websites from across the globe that offer guidance and resources for depression, suicide, domestic violence, substance abuse and assorted mental health matters.

Music to uplift ~ Music is one of the most magical ways to bust bad vibes! We’ve put together a small collection of chilled, pumped, hope and encouragement songs with a focus on positive lyrics.


Fast track to feeling fabulous ~ This page is full of inspiring, funny, amazing, awesome and silly things to give you a boost. It’s intended as a bit of fun for anyone who could use a bit of a boost, or as a cheer up for anyone who is feeling a bit glum. (We suggest you seek professional assistance if you are struggling to lift yourself out of a depressed state.)

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