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Beyond the general non-urgent resources, tools and information on this website…

If you are struggling

…and looking for help or information, here is an assortment of websites from across the globe that are credible and successful in offering guidance and resources for depression, suicide, domestic violence, substance abuse and assorted mental health matters.

If you are okay but you are concerned about someone else

…additional to the resources below, RUOK? (Are you OK?) offers guidance on how to reach out to someone who is not feeling OK.

IMPORTANT: Bad Vibe Busters® is not a resource for emergency or crisis situations and it is strongly recommended that people utilise services available in their area. Bad Vibe Busters® should not be used as a substitute for urgent or non-urgent medical or psychological treatment, crisis care intervention or treatment, or law enforcement. (Full Disclaimer.)

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International Association
for Suicide Prevention

(Based in the USA)

Including list of crisis centres in various countries worldwide, with helpline phone numbers.

(Based in the USA)

’81 Mental Health Resources When You Can’t Afford a Therapist’

’20 Standout Groups Stopping Domestic Violence
(Based in USA but covering 30 countries)

Helping people find therapists, advocating for ethical therapy

Plus’s Top 10 Websites for Depression


Psych Central
(Based in the USA)

Addictions; Anxiety & Panic; Attention Deficit (ADHD); Bipolar Disorder; Child Disorders; Depression; Eating Disorders; OCD; Personality; PTSD; Schizophrenia; Sexual Issues; Sleep Problems

Reach Out
(Based in Australia)

Extreme emotional states; Mental health issues; Physical health; Alcohol, party drugs, other drugs; Bullying, abuse and violence; Dealing with death, other loss and grief, life threatening illness; Getting help

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