Here we offer you an assortment of mostly free resources – some we personally offer and also many links to an abundance of incredibly fabulous resources. We also invite you to award yourself a ‘Self Appreciation Certificate!’

IMPORTANT: Bad Vibe Busters® is not a resource for immediate emergency or crisis situations or a substitute for your local emergency and crisis resources(Full Disclaimer.)





Buster tips

This is Buster Buddy Central! …where we provide a general assortment of our own offerings of free content in contribution to your life and living.

This is where we share from our hearts what we are excited to contribute that we know can make a difference – based on our own experiences, personal discoveries, breakthroughs – and yes, even Phoenix-style rising from the ashes! Mentoring on tap! More…

Awesome links

This is the place where we share links to the many potent, free resources for inspiration and personal development that have rocked our world, and where we showcase the ones closest to our heart.

We also include some links to other resources that are more peripheral on our radar but are nonetheless potent and changing lives for the better.  More…

Seek help

If you are struggling or know someone who is and you are looking for help or information, here is an assortment of websites that offer guidance and resources for depression, suicide, domestic violence, substance abuse and assorted mental health matters. More…

(This is not a resource for immediate emergency or crisis situations or a substitute for your local emergency and crisis resources.)

eNews/Event Alerts

We envision responding rapidly when unexpected global impact events happen, with free live online events for uniting and rising above.

Our Buster Buzz eNews will be another fabulous free resource, full of tips, inspirations and all the buzz on latest developments.

More details/sign up for future eNews or Alerts!

(And yes, give yourself a tick for being amazing – there was a spare box, how could we resist?!)


Vibe Tribe

Global Vibe Tribe: For an unbelievably teenie weenie monthly membership fee you can supercharge positive change in your world/life (and thereby rock the world, just by the way)!

Village Vibe Tribe: A very special place for closer connection and interaction as a small, exclusive group, mentored for three months, further enhanced by a fabulous introductory offer…register your interest today!  More…

Music to uplift

Music is one of the  most magical ways to bust bad vibes! …when we choose, of course, to tap into a seemingly unlimited source of fabulous music to uplift ourselves, express joy, dance and soothe any jagged edges. While angry and sad songs can help us process emotions, there’s a risk of getting stuck there, so the collection we’ve put together here has a focus on positive lyrics. Sound meditations are also included here.

Immerse yourself…





While this resources page is full of fabulous information and helpful offerings, it will also be expanded over time.

There’s so much more that we envision to share so remember to check in from time to time, or sign up to receive our Buster Buzz eNews for (lots of good stuff as well as) updates as we add content, and/or subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be notified of new video posts.

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