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'Gently Now' is a 'natural tranquillizer' and relaxant – a gentle, deeply soothing continuously themed instrumental album used for meditation, massage, yoga, calming children, assisting sleep, therapies, relaxation, stress relief, as a study/concentration aid and as calming, ambient background music. It features the exquisite hang, Native American Indian-style flute, sansula, sounds of nature and guest musician Grammy Award winning guitarist Edin Solis.

Studio recorded, duration 62 minutes.

A percentage of profits from this album donated to the Playing for Change Foundation in support of their wonderful ‘peace through music’ global initiatives.

Printed on recycled cardboard using soy inks.



“Delicate, light and delightful…this album is designed to take you gently and peacefully into the realms of tranquility, meditation and a deep sense of well-being.”
Conscious Living Magazine

“Thank you for Gently Now. It was a comfort to him and us over the past few days and we played it to him after he passed to guide him on the rest of his journey. We also found peace and comfort from it and will continue to do so.”
Marly Townsend (Australia)

“We love the vibration of your music. We play it over and over.”
Richard & Bronwen, Energy Health & Harmony (Australia)

“Using Samjjana’s music guarantees that my clients go into a deeply meditative state. The music flows seamlessly and soothes the client and the therapists with calm, ethereal notes.”
Leonardo Cordero (Ayurvedic Clinical Therapist, Meditation & Yoga Teacher (Costa Rica)

“I'd never had a problem sleeping until recently when one of my cats passed away. My other cat became restless, which on my bed at night was keeping me awake. I began playing your Gently Now CD in the hope it would put me in a deeper sleep so I wasn't affected by the restlessness. What actually happened was completely unexpected. This beautiful music put my cat into a peaceful sleep. Now not only am I not affected by him but we are both sleeping more peacefully. I just wanted to say thank you for producing such wonderful music. There are so many anxious animals out there this CD would be perfect for.”

Jodie Bird (Australia)

“I love the CDs! They are so so beautiful, so powerful and filled with love that I was in tears when I heard them.”
Marcela Diaz (Costa Rica)

“We love your CDs and they are getting played constantly at the moment! We are really happy that you played at our wedding and now that we are getting close to the birth of our baby we have loaded both CDs onto our ipod in readiness for the day!”
Colin & Melissa (Australia)

“Today my husband and I went for our Bowen therapy. We go every week but today I noticed something different….the music! It was so calming and nurturing, more than usual. I asked our therapist about it. It was your CD ‘Gently Now’.  Let me just say it works! It’s beautiful, that rhythmic beat lulled me into a beautiful safe, relaxed place. Thank you.”  Sonya (Australia)

“I use 'Gently Now' in my yoga classes and also on my retreats,  it is fabulous, so resonant and peaceful. It really is quite magical…if you want music to relax to or for ‘healing arts’ it is perfect.” Kathleen (Australia)

A Senior Psychologist of a Cancer Care Support Centre at a Central Queensland hospital has testified to the benefits, saying 'Gently Now is helping women find peace amid the suffering and daily challenges they face in their ongoing cancer treatments.'

Maia received a text message that said, “Thank you for saving me. I was in a really dark place emotionally and I heard the hang playing. I bought 'Gently Now' and played it over and over and over until the darkness lifted. I can't thank you enough.”
(Out of respect, this will remain anonymous.)


Audio Samples

Gently Now

It is highly advised that you listen with quality headphones or quality speakers, to experience all the rich subtleties and pleasing vibrations that poor quality speakers miss.


1. Tapado's Gift (Carlos 'Tapado' Vargas)
2. Sacred Union (Hang – Maia & Pratika)
3. Om Shanti Part I – Sansula (Maia)
4. Om Shanti Part II – Flute (Pratika)
5. Om Shanti Part III – Hang (Maia)
6. Om Shanti Part IV – Guitar (Edin Solis)

7. Om Shanti Part III reprise – Hang

8. Om Shanti Part II reprise – Flute

9. Om Shanti Part V – Sansula (Maia)

10. Sacred Union reprise

11. Tapado's Gift reprise

Album length ~ 62 minutes


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