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‘Follow your Bliss®’ celebrates the magical unfolding of the highest potential of humanity ~ an enchanting journey of expansion, transcendence, awakening and bliss.

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“Ohhhh wow; you guys have really excelled….the bliss of (Follow your) Bliss! It’s beautiful, touching, deeply heartfelt and so multi-layered and textured.”
Oriya Voice Weaver (Australia)

“‘Follow Your Bliss’® is an awesome album leaving me speechless, full of a simple all-filling WOW.”
Carsten (Australia)

“Just wanted to say thanks for the music you offer to the world, it is a great source of peace and calm for me. And oh my!…I am actually weeping and laughing at the same time as I listen to the medley sampler for ‘Follow your Bliss’®. I am in HEAVEN.”
Kim (Australia)

“samjjana…the healing voice that speaks in the garden of your heart. What an honour to share in the sound of their bliss.”
Nicholas Ng , Doctor of Music and guest musician on ‘Follow your Bliss’® 

“I listened to ‘Follow your Bliss’® all day whilst driving around. It made driving in the rain so peaceful and calming! Your voice is beautiful and the blend of the instruments sublime.”
Kari (Australia)

“I’d just like to thank you for the chance to work with samjjana again. It’s been such a wonderful journey, to help bring this music-to-live-by to the world. I’m sure it will touch many people profoundly as it has touched me.”
Stephen Hamacek, Sound Engineer (Australia)

“Listening to samjjana’s music is like being in a moment where all is perfect as it is, where all time simply stops, and peace reigns”
Anayah Joi Holilly, Executive Producer Angel Heart Radio





Audio Samples


Follow your Bliss

It is highly advised that you listen with quality headphones or quality speakers, to experience all the rich subtleties and pleasing vibrations that poor quality speakers miss. 

Disc One

1. It is Time

2. Awakening

3. Flow

4. Leap of Faith

5. Bliss

6. Greatest Treasure

7. Devananda (Every moment you’re alive)

8. Unhorizoned

9. Peace Time

10. Our Destiny

11. Sanctuary

12. Dream Gate ~ Revelations

13. Love

14. What You Really Love

15. Alchemy

16. Rich, Real

17. Devananda (Live, live!)

18. Forever Expanding

19. Bliss be with You

Disc 1 ~ 59.10 minutes

Disc Two – Chants

Original chants and chant/song hybrids

1. New Earth

2. Om Bodhana

3. Lightness of Heart (Instrumental)

4. Inside

5. My Soul, The Silence

6. Om

7. Om Namah Shivaya

8. Trust, Surrender and Follow…

9. Bonus track ~ Love (Non-percussion version)

Disc 2 ~ 41.06 minutes

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Free PDF download: Print-friendly album notes and lyrics.


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