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Personal story ‘The frog barometer’


Maia shares her personal journey and how she could relate to a frog!

Out shopping one day, I came across a keyring with a cartoon picture of a cranky, down in the mouth frog. The accompanying words were, ‘I’m so happy I could just poop.’ Well, I was so thrilled to find it and buy it. It felt so good to know that somebody, somewhere, understood me, and that there must be others out there who felt like I did otherwise the keyring wouldn’t be mass produced, right? Suddenly I didn’t feel so on my own, and I felt good about that, even though it was down in the poop.

I was a miserably unhappy, negative person. I hated my hometown, my job, my boss, my life. I was thinking, “Why me? It’s not fair! Life sucks!” I was way down in a deep hole – a big time rut at the ripe old age of 19.

Thankfully someone came along who had the insight, wisdom and objectivity to help me become aware of what was really happening and open my mind to new possibilities. It turned me on my head and even though I ‘shot the messenger’ (I thanked them 20 years later!) it was the catalyst I needed to turn my life around and set myself on a path of personal discovery and growth – and I had no idea at the time that it was my ticket to freedom.


Today, I am a completely different person – so much so that I can hardly believe I was that teenage pile of misery. I’m happy, positive and upbeat. I am recognised for my equanimity, I have peace of mind and I perceive things and handle things in a much better way for much better results … and importantly, I have maintained this way of being over many years.

And this is not just lip service. How do I know this? Because it was put to the test in a big way during 2013-2014. Over that two year period:

  • My father passed away
  • Just one month later my mother was touch and go for several weeks after a stroke and heart issues
  • My mother became an invalid requiring care 24/7 (which I shared with my three siblings)
  • Immersed in family dynamics
  • Began menopause
  • Dealt with health issues
  • Went through the separation of my marriage
  • Moved house
  • Walked away from a thriving business I helped create
  • Started again to create a new business

… and I stayed steady, peaceful and centred through it all, and felt strong. Yes, it was challenging. Yes, it was intense. What I reflected on – which really struck me – was that I had had my first mid-life crisis at 19 and my second at 30. In the thick of this intense period, as I reached the more usual age for a mid-life crisis, there was not a whiff of one anywhere even though there were plenty of triggers. Talk about a litmus test. I must be doing something right.

Over the years I sometimes figured things out myself and sometimes had a helping hand. While there is nothing wrong with working things out yourself, there is also nothing wrong with seeking support or guidance. While some people have the belief that it is a weakness to seek support, I actually see it as strength of character. Looking back, I wonder how much better results I could have been getting in my life – and how much more quickly – if I hadn’t been so slow to seek and benefit from good guidance and good life tools. Hugely positive influences on my journey were Dr Wayne Dyer, Richard Bach, The School of Philosophy, wonderful teacher and mentor Jason McDonald, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Lee Carroll, Esther & Jerry Hicks and more.

Fortunately, a huge ongoing contribution has also been my friendship with my best friend and soul sister, Grace Hart. We make a great team as we catalyse and accelerate each other’s evolution – something that we both massively appreciate and undertake joyfully.

Having evolved my own life to a happy and successful place, I wanted the same for people who I could see weren’t happy. I’ve shared the human experience – trauma, fear, pain, loss, love, joy, happiness and laughter. I’ve put in the miles to make the best of it all, and I’ve experienced the massive change within myself. With my desire to inspire others to enrich their lives, it was a natural progression for me to become a life coach and an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic) Practitioner.

I quickly discovered the contribution I could make to people’s lives in helping them to empower themselves. It was so rewarding to see such positive change in such a short time, to witness people shift to a new way of looking at things, to see their enthusiasm and delight with the results they were getting – it blew me away.

Then I started to explore how I could contribute to more than one person at a time. The more I considered ways to reach more people, the broader my view of the horizon became … and then beyond the horizon. Ultimately I came to realise my motivation is for each of us to reach our highest potential – if we choose that – not only for personal benefit, but for how that contributes to the collective to create a better world.

My evolution and contribution is a lifelong commitment. I’m willing to admit it’s my one big addiction (okay, it’s one of three – joy and chocolate being the other two!) The high I get out of it is considerable, sustained and with no negative side effects, so naturally I recommend this addiction to anyone!

It is a great privilege to be a catalyst for others – the endless and timeless ripple that extends from it are far beyond what any of us could possibly comprehend … what a phenomenal thought!

Testimonials (PR)

Public Relations

“Maia is a highly talented, competent, versatile and reliable professional who has high integrity, is highly ethical and focuses 110% on the best possible outcome.”

Murray Masarik, Director and Educator, REAL Education


“Maia’s enthusiasm, efforts and attention to detail are refreshing in today’s business world. Today’s buzz cliché of working outside the square does not apply to her. With Maia there is no square, period.”

Miles Wood, National Marketing Manager, Hog’s Breath Cafes


“Maia’s ideas are highly creative, and she has the talent to put them into practice. This lady is all class. Call her before she’s booked for the next five years.”

Tony Ryan, Manager, HeadFirst Publishing


“We believe the TV ads you wrote and directed, which were broadcast nationwide, would have made a big impact on raising community awareness of this vital program. On a personal level, we would like to say what a pleasure it was to work with you, and what a great help it was to know that someone as professional as yourself was taking care of things.”

Rebecca O’Gorman (Special Events) Wesley Hospital, Kim Walters Choices Program


“Maia adopts a very proactive and professional approach to her work, resulting in a significant output of extremely high quality. I believe her forte is in an environment of people helping people.”

Ken Cullum, Director SES


“Maia is highly articulate, energetic, imaginative and dedicated.”

Greg Aplin, Station Manager, Prime Television Albury


Testimonials (Coaching)

Life Coaching

“I never would have thought it possible that Maia could have such insight into situations in my life – situations she couldn’t know as I was there, not her. She just seemed to be able to tune into my head and my experience of life and shed light on it in a way that has impacted very positively on my life. Her coaching has made a big difference.”
Andrew Hudson


“Developing greater understanding of my personal aspirations has liberated my thinking. The sessions have helped me gain new skills and influenced real changes to my behaviour and direction. I would recommend Maia to anyone caught between a rock and a hard place.”
Justin Millar


“Being coached and guided by Maia, I have found that there is a way out of problems I have carried for so long because I thought there was no help. Nothing I had tried before had worked. Coaching has made a major difference to my work and personal life – a difference I can’t thank Maia enough for.”
Brett Hudson


“I feel so thankful to have listened to my inner guidance when I first saw Maia and sensed her beautiful energy … a little voice inside said quietly, ‘You want to get to know her …  she’s got some pearls for ya!’

She is gifted with the words she shares – blunt and honest and always coming from a neutral and heart-centred space. She’s a mirror that reflects your truth back at you in the most special way – encouraging you to take responsibility for your experiences and remain authentic in every moment.

She inspires simply in the way she approaches and navigates through her day-to-day life, tuned in to all that is and yet also super grounded and earthy … and a fun sense of humour to boot!

She invited me to step more fully into my power. It was one of the most profound experiences of my life! She teaches effortlessly, leading by example and never in a ‘preachy’ or hierarchical way. She relates with you and shares from her personal experiences, really listening and feeling where you are, and where you’re coming from.

But I must say that the most awesome method she uses to show you yourself and your personal truth is by asking you questions – and in doing this, you are remembering, rediscovering, and making the connections in your own heart and mind about what’s highest and best for you, not just taking advice from someone else. It’s so refreshing to have someone direct you back within, as many of us have a tendency to look outside ourselves for the answers!

Anyone who feels guided to connect with her will be forever grateful, I know I am.”

Rachel Raspberry (USA)

Testimonials (Sound)

Music and Therapeutic Sound


“Your music and message touched both my partner and me deeply. Maia you sing with such harmony, like an angel … we were transported deep within and felt deeply peaceful for hours after.”
Carolyn Samuel (Australia)


“Your sound immersion was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. I have honestly never experienced anything so powerful. There are no words to explain just how amazing it was!”
Robin Oliphant (Australia)


“Your music has touched me deeply. It is so mesmerising, and it really takes me to a place of such peace. How fortunate I feel to have found your music. Thank you for the special gift you have created, and for the part it is now playing in my healing.”
Trudi Bareham (Australia)


“When my daughter was 15 months old, for no apparent reason she began experiencing great distress, out of character excessive and inconsolable crying and screaming, disturbed sleep and nightmares. It was a very terrifying experience for her and me. We tried many things with varying degrees of relief, however, I feel that therapeutic sound provided by Maia was by far the most beneficial. The improvement in my daughter was immediate and substantial – she was back to normal and also sleeping well again. Maia has a gift of sensing what is needed. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to experience music and therapeutic sound that is not only pleasurable to hear but has the power to touch the soul.”
Alana Cole (Australia)


“Maia and Oriya recently offered a sound immersion therapy for 70 carers at our Carers Wellbeing Day. Many of these carers were highly stressed from the constant demands and pressures of caring for a loved one. It was a new experience for them and many were overwhelmed by the deep feelings of peace and relaxation. The majority commented that they were initially unsure of what to expect but it had been the highlight of their day. One carer said he had tried many different techniques to achieve peace without success but that the power of the sounds reached him in a way he had never experienced before. Another commented it was the most relaxed they had ever felt in their entire lives. Maia went out of her way to ensure the session was well organised and I would highly recommend her to any other organisation that recognises the benefits of stress management to their clients or staff.”
Janine Dowdell, Carers Queensland (Australia)


“As a project manager for large projects where the vision was clear, but no roadmap was able to be accurately written up front, I found it an important skill to be able to switch off my mind, and create an opportunity to hear my intuition. You use your unique musical gifts and talents to clear and create a space where new possibilities can surface. I am delighted that sound Immersions are being acknowledged as an effective tool for greater clarity and efficiency in the workplace.”
Vicki Scott – Former Director of CHOGM Coordination Qld (Australia)


“Your music is truly a gift which enriches all who hear it. The way that it quickly and beautifully calms the mind needs to be experienced.”
Andrew Farrell (Australia)


“You capture the essence of simplicity and beauty – in a busy bustling world we need gentle music to help us stop and connect. Thank you! It is so refreshing to listen to music which is simple, beautiful and from the heart – inspiring!”
Jourdan Neil (New Zealand)


“Your ‘Gently Now’ album has become my favourite music to use with counselling clients of all ages, it resonates with so many people.”
Karen Angel (Australia)


“I’d never had a problem sleeping until recently when one of my cats passed away. My other cat became restless, which on my bed at night was keeping me awake. I began playing your Gently Now CD in the hope it would put me in a deeper sleep so I wasn’t affected by the restlessness. What actually happened was that it put my cat into a peaceful sleep. Now we are both sleeping more peacefully. I just wanted to say thank you for producing such wonderful music. There are so many anxious animals out there this CD would be perfect for.”
Jodie Bird (Australia)


“To enter meditation it takes a conscious step to still my mind. Experiencing your music, no conscious step occurs. The music is divine – a heavenly elixir that transports you into a heightened state of peace, openness and reflection.”
Ian Lewis (Australia)


“What an impact your Sound Immersion had on the rest of my week, my mood was lifted, I felt light and joyful, I didn’t engage in my usual Friday afternoon de-stress wine. I will definitely attend another one of your beautiful sound immersions.”
Kylie Johnson (Australia)


“Before your Sound Immersion I was in a fair amount of pain. I left with very little. Thank you.”
Sibylle Werner (Australia)


“It was an amazing night! I feel a renewal of energy after this deeply moving experience has left every cell in my body buzzing, dancing … It’s a gift that will remain with me forever.”
Rinnell Kelly (Australia)


“I’d just like to thank you again for the chance to work with you. It’s been such a wonderful journey, to help bring this music-to-live-by to the world. I’m sure it will touch many people profoundly as it has touched me.”
Stephen Hamacek, Sound Engineer (Australia)


“AMAZING, truly beautiful music and a magical atmosphere was created – we did not want it to end! We hope you keep bringing to many more people as much internal peace as you have brought to us.”
Katy (Costa Rica)


“What a wonderful evening to experience! I’m still floating blissfully away now. I went on such an amazing journey throughout the whole evening, wonderful sounds that danced deep within.”
Carley Bourne (Australia)


“I don’t think you realize the effect your music has had on my life. I have never, before nor since, experienced an event more profound and uplifting than ‘A Celebration of Harmony’. I shall never forget that beautiful, magical night – it was awe inspiring!!!”
Kati Winnigrad (Costa Rica)


“I have used the music in yoga class and also on our last retreat and it is fabulous, so resonant and peaceful. It really is quite magical … if you want music to relax to or for ‘healing arts’ it is perfect.”
Kathleen (Australia)

Maia's Offerings

Life renovation (ie: coaching/mentoring, Skype/in person)
Music for the aspiring heart of humanity (songs to uplift and inspire)
Corporate Sound Immersions (Brisbane & Sunshine Coast, Qld)


Enjoy Maia’s take on the sunrise …



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