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What if a euphoric night out was possible without any drugs or alcohol?

What if there was a fabulous, fun-filled night out with no drunks?!!!

What if the ultimate rave party is a natural high with no unwelcome side effects?

What if a natural high is really easy to achieve, it’s just that we’re not in the ‘habit’ of it?

Could the world use more joy? Hmm … let’s think about that for a minute (!)

What if a ‘natural high’ social experiment ended up spreading all over the world?

That’s our target – crowdfunding to create crowdfunning!


In the planning! Watch this space …

Meanwhile, this video (which in part inspired the inception of Joy Raves) is a joyful, uplifting example of people coming together in ‘elationship’ !!!

More details


What if there was a fabulously awesome drug and alcohol-free alternative to nightclubbing and rave parties where patrons could experience a legal, safe, no bad side effects, natural high via our bodies’ feel-good chemicals (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins)?

‘Joy Raves’ combines a featured comedy act, fabulous non-alcoholic ‘mocktails’ and dancing to DJ-spun uplifting music – including a facilitated/incited ‘joy high’ dance to get those feel-good chemicals pumping and zinging! (Videoed to create a tsunami of joy that spills over onto social media.)

Standard venues understandably want their alcohol profits so it requires something brave and new to explore beyond the same ol’, same ol’ and address the subtle shift in the collective psyche that is only just starting to find an avenue to express itself.

Many non-drinkers avoid going out altogether. Many drinkers are quietly uncomfortable with peer pressure, the all-too-easy and all-too-auto-pilot access to alcohol and drugs and fear the risk of addiction … and the majority is over all the ways substance-induced anti-social behaviour manifests – people feel violated and unsafe, from grossly inappropriate intoxicated people ruining the fun through to one-punch deaths. And all those happy with that status quo have abundant options everywhere, so really, everybody wins!

Backed by her proven track record/skills/experience (the arts, public relations, public education, OH&S, marketing, media, commercial copywriting, graphic design, sales, event management), ‘Joy Raves’ is (Bad Vibe Busters creator) Maia’s concept for a pilot project envisioned for branded replication across Australia/the world.

The objective is to provide a viable, ‘highly’ appealing alternative that moves beyond the status quo of current social norms, opens up new possibilities, helps reduce/avert social problems, harnesses the life-enhancing potency of comedy/laughter/music/dance, creates healthy escapism, a sense of connection, helps change conversations at BBQs and around the water cooler at work and fuels viral social media sharing.




Can you help?


Joy Raves was conceptualised in March 2016 and has been sitting quietly until the time was ripe and the human and other resources were available. With sobriety starting to trend the world over, what better time than now!

We are ideally seeking to secure a grant, sponsorship or partner with an aligned organisation, NFP or charity to co-create this event concept. (Any individual, business, organisation or department that’s inspired to contribute to co-creating this magical event is welcome to connect with us.)

A ‘crowdfunning’ campaign via ‘Start Some Good’ (a fabulous social enterprise crowdfunding platform) is the intention for a pilot event that will form the foundation for the replication model.

Pledges will be ticket sales, t-shirts and tote bags, ensuring that the event is a no-risk investment for organisers.

The inaugural event is being touted for the Sunshine Coast, however, this is dependent on where the most resources, enthusiasm and support are!

Once the pilot event has taken place, the target is to invite others to replicate it, under the Joy Raves branding, across Australia and the globe … yes! That much awesomeness!

All inquiries are welcome! Contact us if you’d like to be part of it.
What would it take for this to really fly!




How wonderful it is to see the momentum building for gatherings, groups, organisations, challenges, venues and events that bust the stereotype and blow the possibilities wide open for a different way to socialise and have fun!

Here are just a few …

Sober Raving

Hello Sunday Morning

Club Soda NYC


The Rise of the Sober Bar

The Rise of the Sober Curious

Dry July


The target is to add Joy Raves to this list!!!


Who's it for?




This event is 18+

IMPORTANT: This is not intended as a campaign against events and venues that serve alcohol or ignore drug use. People’s right to choose is respected. It’s merely to offer a viable, fun alternative beyond the status quo, to provide more choice to those who would like more options than the current societal default setting – those who would like to explore new and different possibilities to have a great night out.

When joy's a stretch


Sometimes there are a few steps to take between where you’re at and where you’d like to be. If that’s you, the key thing is not to expect you can jump from one extreme to the other and not to give yourself a hard time if you can’t. Here’s a helpful guide to the stepping stones that can help you find your way to joy. Keep reaching for the next one up from where you are … keep reaching for the best feeling thought you can find.

And of course, there are many wonderful resources and support services available to assist anyone who needs support - here’s a start point if you need it … and who doesn’t need some extra support from time to time? Remember, we’re all in this together!





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