Fast track to feeling fabulous!

This page is full of inspiring, funny, amazing, awesome and silly things, intended as a bit of fun for anyone who is generally okay but could use a boost, or as a cheer up for anyone who is feeling a bit glum. We suggest you seek professional assistance if you are struggling to lift yourself out of depression.


A bit of a surprise for these police officers!

Contagious laughter – just you try not laughing along!


Happy song – clap along!

Behind the scenes of a flash mob – collective awesomeness!


How incredible would this feel? Woman wakeboarding with dolphins.

Cat on a Roomba – oh so quietly hysterical!


Michael Buble duets with 15 year old boy – baptism by fire!

2 year old basketball superstar – you won’t believe your eyes!


Animals on trampolines!

Unbelievable talent from a teenager overcoming a troubled childhood.


For anyone wishing for real change on this planet and who despairs that it isn’t happening…Blessed Unrest – Paul Hawkins

What a beautiful way to uplift people about themselves, and we get to share the experience!




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