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Apologies, we have realised that we did not allow enough lead time in creating this event, and we did not realise what would be involved in reaching the right people to let them know it was happening.

We invite you to contact us if you would like to be informed of a future event. Once we determine when to re-schedule we can let you know. (The information outlined below is still relevant for a future event.)

A gift for front line emergency services personnel…

(Was to be held on Sunday 28 February, at Bloomhill Centre, Buderim.)

Attention all frontline emergency services personnel! As a big, well-deserved thank you for all you do, Bad Vibe Busters® is offering a special free event on the Sunshine Coast. There is no hidden sales pitch, no sting, no trick. It’s a genuine, heart-felt offer as a random act of kindness. 

The motivation behind the offer? Like many, we’ve had to rely on emergency services during crises, and everybody knows how enormously important front line people are and what a huge responsibility you have. (If you didn’t show up to do what you do, we’d all be in a pickle!) Add to that the challenges of shift work, putting yourselves in danger, the threat of violence, dealing regularly with trauma…for sure you would appreciate the opportunity to receive a thank you gift in the form of some cruisy stress busting. It is not intended as a replacement for the existing support services available to you through your workplace, it’s simply a bonus special occasion.

We’re all about helping people de-frag, re-balance, re-boot and rise above, and where possible we’re happy to donate our skills for the greater good, so really, who better to direct that towards than emergency first responders? We love and appreciate our front line heroes! (Our last gifted sound immersion was for carers, through Carer’s Queensland, the next one we have in mind is for nurses – don’t get us started on how much we love nurses!)

On offer is a ‘Super Soothing Sound Immersion.’ While meditation is increasingly gaining popularity around the world, therapeutic sound goes one step further. What’s particularly appealing is that it’s an effortless, enjoyable, uplifting experience for participants – they don’t have to ‘do’ or ‘think about’ anything – just close their eyes, relax and reap the benefits. It’s deeply meditative in a non-invasive way that reduces stress, re-balances emotions and a plethora of other scientifically validated benefits.

In the U.S., sound healing is showing up as the ‘next big thing’. Like meditation and yoga before it, therapeutic sound is proving popular because of its effectiveness.

A local example, we had the privilege of gifting a sound immersion at a Carers Queensland Well-being Day, where 70 stressed carers from all walks of life, all different ages, cultures and beliefs participated. It was arranged for them and it was something most would not have known existed or sought out.

The majority commented that they were unsure what to expect but they were overwhelmed by deep feelings of peace and relaxation, with one saying it was the most relaxed he’d ever felt in his entire life. Another said he’d tried many different things to achieve peace but the power of the sounds reached him in a way he had never experienced before. We see this response time and again – it’s a potent ‘natural tranquilizer’ backed up by science.

Need further details? Contact us.

What others say…

Here are an assortment of heart felt (predominantly unsolicited) testimonials inspired by sound sessions, sound immersion events, concerts and albums.

“Your music is truly a gift which enriches all who hear it. The way that it quickly and beautifully calms the mind needs to be experienced. If only there were more like you, the world would be a much better place, thank you.”
Andrew Farrell

“Thank you so much. 14 hours later and I continue to be in a place of openness, stillness, joyfulness and peacefulness. I feel wonderful! You are amazing!”
Annie Oliveri

“It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. I have honestly never experienced anything so powerful. I felt a pure source love that I have never felt with such intensity. There are no human words to explain just how amazing it was!”
Robin Oliphant

“To enter meditation it takes a conscious step to still my mind. Experiencing your music, no conscious step occurs. The music is divine – a heavenly elixir that transports you into a heightened state of peace, openness and reflection.”
Ian Lewis

“What an impact your Sound Immersion had on the rest of my week, my mood was lifted, I felt light and joyful, I didn’t engage in my usual Friday afternoon de-stress wine. I will definitely attend another one of your beautiful sound immersions.”
Kylie Johnson

“Before your Sound Immersion I was in a fair amount of pain. I left with very little. Thank you.”
Sibylle Werner

“In my work I help young people/children in crisis. I have struggled at times over the years, to be able to stay centred and balanced spiritually and some days emotionally. Then I was introduced to your music. It brings me back into my soul centre, clearing, cleansing and lifting. There is such a range in your music that allows me to sit in whatever space I need to be on an energetic level… from joy to grief…and simply clear through my singing and breathing. It has made my journey easier and by the time I get home I can then focus on whatever needs to be done or on my work with clients in private practise. From my heart, thank you.”
Rebekah Joy

“You capture the essence of simplicity and beauty – in a busy bustling world we need gentle music to help us stop and connect. Thank you! It is so refreshing to listen to music which is simple, beautiful and from the heart – inspiring!”
Jourdan Neil (New Zealand)

“Beautiful music, so strangely familiar to me, yet hauntingly new and different. Exquisite. A completely different experience from other meditation music, a level of subtlety that resonates within and enriches the world.”

“Your music and message touched both my partner and me deeply. You sing with such harmony, like an angel…we were transported deep within and felt deeply peaceful for hours after.”
Carolyn Samuel

“What a wonderful evening to experience! I’m still floating blissfully away now. I went on such an amazing journey throughout the whole evening, wonderful sounds that danced deep within. Thank you.”
Carley Bourne

“Thank you for a sensational evening. Words alone cannot explain how joyous it was for the soul. Thank you.”
Kerry Beazleigh

“It was an amazing night! I’m still buzzing! The energy was beyond amazing…potent indeed, I’m still floating! I feel a renewal of energy after this deeply moving experience has left every cell in my body buzzing, dancing. It’s a gift that will remain with me forever.”
Rinnell Kelly

“Your sound immersion was beautiful, inspiring, heart warming, uplifting, soul nurturing, joyous… my heart is filled with gratitude.”
Kestrel Maher

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The science behind sound

Therapeutic sound is backed up by science – well summed up by Joshua Leeds, author of The Power of Sound and an expert in the field of psychoacoustics (the study of the effects of sound on the human nervous system), who states that there is more on sound science than ever before, that we know what is happening molecularly, and that in the future what we think of as sound healing will be called frequency medicine.

Even though it’s been around for millennia, sound healing is starting to show up as the ‘next big thing’. Like meditation and yoga before it, therapeutic sound was once considered fringe but is now proving popular because of its effectiveness.

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