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In the search for a corporate advantage, corporate wellness has a significant role to play. It is well-known organisations like Google have inspired a surge in corporate wellness programs, and more holistic options are proving themselves. You know there’s change in the air when you read Business Review Weekly and see articles titled, ’How Meditation Can Help You Get Ahead in Business’ (June 24, 2015) and even ‘Chanting for Well Being’ (August 16-22, 2012).

During modern science’s adolescence, many things that were not understood or couldn’t be measured were dismissed or rejected. It is only in the last 10-15 years that science and technology have ‘come of age’ and are now capable of, and open to, research that has been yielding amazing results.

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Where's the proof?

An effective tool – Sound Immersions

Stress busting sound

With Corporate Wellness, organisations have been breaking out of the box of ‘business as usual’ and yielding results. Expanding or rearranging their Corporate Wellness mix to include therapeutic sound is a ‘sound’ strategy backed up by science – well summed up by Joshua Leeds, author of The Power of Sound and an expert in the field of psychoacoustics (the study of the effects of sound on the human nervous system), who states that there is more on sound science than ever before, that we know what is happening molecularly, and that in the future what we think of as sound healing will be called frequency medicine.

Even though it’s been around for millennia, sound healing is starting to show up as the ‘next big thing’. Like meditation and yoga before it, therapeutic sound was once considered fringe but is now proving popular because of its effectiveness.

It reduces stress, re-balances emotions, enhances performance and alpha and theta brainwaves for creativity, and increases both quality of life and quality of work life – or to put it another way, it de-frags, re-boots, optimises and upgrades.

Most particularly in relation to high-stress positions, shift work and those exposed to danger and trauma (military forces, emergency workers, hospital staff, etc.) there is an expanding awareness in management of a duty of care.

The benefits will become apparent and should be able to be quantified by an improvement in any of the following: stress, anxiety, anger, depression, sleep patterns, fatigue, general health issues, fatigue, pain levels, workplace social environment, staff morale, conflict, bullying, absenteeism, stress leave, medical claims, worker’s compensation, staff retention, productivity, problem solving, capacity for creative inspiration, quality of work.

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Appeal and effectiveness


While meditation is increasingly gaining traction in the business world, therapeutic sound goes one step further. Sound is deeply meditative and so much more. What’s particularly useful for the workplace is that it’s an accessible, effortless, enjoyable experience. Participants can’t get it wrong, they don’t have to ‘do’, ‘learn’, ‘think about’ or ‘strive for’ anything – just close their eyes, relax, experience the sounds and vibrations, and reap the benefits.

For any organisations that specifically want us to contribute our sound offerings to their people, we are willing to travel anywhere in the world. For others, there are sound practitioners the world over, and we encourage progressive management to consider the compelling information we provide here, and research options in their local area.

Our Sound Immersion team

Our Sound Immersion team

We are available to travel globally, offering a refreshingly different, unique corporate ‘Sound Immersion.’ (Geographically we are most accessible to those in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia).

While we have been fully aware of the potency and effectiveness of it and we’ve been offering sound immersions to the general public for many years, it is only recently with more proof from advances in science and the increasingly holistic approach to Corporate Wellness that we decided the time is ripe to extend it into the corporate arena.

These sessions are offered in a very practical, flexible, client-sensitive way by sound specialists who are self-sufficient in supplying everything needed for an event and who have a proven track record in all aspects from liaison to delivery.

Bad Vibe Busters® offers a collaborative group of high calibre musicians/sound specialists. With unique, captivating instruments from all over the world, they offer profoundly soothing, uplifting, therapeutic soundscapes that have been embraced across all sectors of society. Sound immersions can be tailored to suit many different situations and needs:

  •  A stand-alone event or tied in with other events
  • In-house if suitable, or an alternative venue arranged by you or Bad Vibe Busters®
  • From small to large groups, all levels from CEO down, within your organisation or optionally combining with other organisations
  • Versatile timing options at any time of day from staggered short sessions to one longer session
  • Includes optional download per participant of one of our therapeutic music albums for ongoing benefits

With all the pressures of work and life, and a goal of optimal performance, what better time than now to plan some effortless, restful, restorative, feel-good stress relief for your team through soothing, bad vibe busting, therapeutic sound?


Download the one page PDF summary.

(Or contact us for the full document and any inquiries.)

“What an impact your event had on the rest of my week – my mood was lifted, I felt light and joyful, I didn’t engage in my usual Friday afternoon de-stress wine. I will definitely attend another one of your beautiful sound immersions.”
Kylie Johnson ~ Professional Bookkeeper

“Carers are usually highly stressed from the constant demands and pressures of being a carer. A group therapeutic sound immersion for 70 carers at our Carers Wellbeing Day was a new experience for them and many were overwhelmed by deep feelings of peace and relaxation. The majority commented that they were initially unsure what to expect but it had been the highlight of their day.

One carer said he had tried many different techniques to achieve peace without success but that the power of the sounds reached him in a way he had never experienced before. Another comment was that it was most relaxed they had ever felt in their entire lives.

Maia went out of her way to ensure the session was well organised and I would highly recommend her to any other organisation that recognises the benefits of stress management for their clients or staff.”
Janine Dowdell, Carers Queensland (Australia)

“As a project manager for large projects where the vision was clear, but no road map was able to be accurately written up front, I found it an important skill to be able to switch off the mind, and create an opportunity to hear my intuition. I used meditation to assist me in my various challenges, and am now delighted to see that sound immersions are being acknowledged as an effective tool for greater clarity and efficiency in the workplace.”
Vicki Scott ~ Former Director of CHOGM Coordination Qld


Download the one page PDF summary.

For inquiries, further details and to request the full document, please contact us.

(Please note: Other geographical areas may be possible by negotiation.)

We invite you to check out the previous tab ‘Where’s the Proof?’ if you want to delve into the science.



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