All great projects start out as an idea, which can be likened to a seed that is planted to germinate and grow. Bad Vibe Busters® is currently a seedling, on its way to becoming a magnificent tree.

We reckon we’ve done a pretty good job nurturing it to seedling stage and we are good stewards to oversee the growth, however we recognise that many hands make light work, and it’s going to take a team to bring to fruition the many fruits that it holds the promise of.

A contribution could be anything from simply sharing on social media posts to getting your teeth into a juicy project, to becoming a team member.


We currently don’t have a budget that can employ a team, however, we expect that to change. In the interim, if you have skills and experience we need, if you are aligned with what we do and anything outlined below resonates with you, we would be happy to hear from you and explore the possibility of co-creating with you (whether sooner or later)… i.e.

  • Volunteer (professional skills and/or promoting us through your social media and offline networks)
  • Exchange (e.g. professional skills, advertising space, media exposure for any of our offerings, or to be a credit for future use as more options come online later.)
  • Sponsor
  • Alliance
  • Paid work
  • Donate (goods, services, staff resources on loan or dollars)
  • Anything else we haven’t thought of but that would be good to add here


‘Paid’ work currently may look like:

  • Small, temporary projects that may work within our budget
  • Where your payment is tied in with the result (e.g. manage a crowd funding campaign, and your fees come out of the dollars raised)
  • Agent-based arrangements with a percentage (e.g. media agent)
  • Anything else we haven’t thought of but that would be good to add here


Here’s our wish list (so far):

  • Business manager/logistics/admin
  • Crowd funding campaign coordinator
  • Social media manager
  • Website manager
  • Petitions project manager
  • Event management
  • Community forum manager/moderator
  • Teleseminar set up/moderation
  • Mobile app developer
  • Media liaison/media agent
  • Legal eagle
  • Personal/Virtual Assistant
  • Graphic Designer/illustrator/cartoonist
  • Buster Buzz eNewsletter editor
  • Contributing writers

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