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Our target is to roll out an online community here, as soon as we find the right magical being to manage and moderate it – could that be you?

If you feel excited at the prospect and have the skill and the time and the willingness to volunteer, we’d love to hear from you!

Our vision for this community is for it to be a place where all can come to give and/or receive:



Feel inspired, uplifted, encouraged and potentially receive assistance.


Offer inspiration, encouragement and potentially assistance.


Forum topic areas to begin with (which will grow based on how the community shapes it):


Pollyanna Place (Positivity Central!)

A place you can come to where you know you can escape the fear, drama, negativity and doom and gloom so prevalent – so rampant – in society, in the media and entwined in so many types of entertainment. A place to feel uplifted, a place to restore morale.


Buster Bolster (A Good Turn)

A place where people can ask for others’ input, and where anyone can contribute. The sort of assistance we’re talking about will have guidelines that shape it into something within the scope of community forums.


Drop the Drama 

This is a place to come to when you’re in drama and you know it, when you want to re-frame yourself out of it and feel the need for the contribution of others.


Vibe Tribe

A place for those who have signed up for a Vibe Tribe membership to connect with each other, chat about current vibes happening with the Tribe and plot and scheme together all sorts of ways to make their world and the world a better place.


Buster Collective

A place for the flow on after the free online get-togethers we offer in response to global impact events.

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