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Maia Kshemya

Founder and Creative Director
Visionary Positive Futurist
Magical Human Being (just like you!)


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The first 30 years of Maia’s life were conventional, yet somewhat non-conformist. Over more than two decades since, she has chosen the road less travelled. Her life experiences have been extraordinary and as a result she could no longer hold on to her sceptical, cynical view of the world and now fully embraces an holistic and expanded view of existence (that is increasingly being proved by science). It has shaped her world and work in a truly wonderful way and created the possibility for her to inspire others and touch many lives…

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Buster Team

Buster Team

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Maia birthed this still very new project and although the jigsaw pieces are not yet in place, her take on it is that there’s a team behind this project already … it’s just that she hasn’t met them all yet! She’s in trust that synchronicity will bring the right people at the right time, with the skills and talents that contribute to the project and humanity.

She has planted the seed, tended it, and is proud of the healthy, thriving sapling that is poised to grow into a magnificent tree. She refers to ‘we’ throughout this site as part of the visioning, as well as in appreciation of all the freelance/consulting contributions thus far and ongoing, including the web team and fabulous support from web/graphic designer, Sundeep (Icon Creations).

This website is currently at the completion of stage one, with much more in the planning, and with the potential to continually morph and grow in many possible directions depending on new inspirations, who is on the team and what skills, talents and passions they bring.


Maia would like to acknowledge all who have contributed to this project by contributing to her. Every single being (physical and non-physical) who has ever contributed directly or indirectly (whether known to her or not) she sees as being all in one big magical melting pot – far too many to name, but a special shout out to the wonderful support she has received and continues to receive from her Mum and her bestie Grace Hart.




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