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V-Blog: Talking ourselves down

Talk about heavy going! Read more
How much more awesomeness might show up?

Great meme, thanks @TerryLeeWilson. What a gift! This is such a brilliant example of how we can shoot ourselves in the foot and how we might do it differently ... Read more
Wanna kick anxiety to the kerb?

Great meme, thanks @Positively Present. Not a panacea, however, full of simple yet effective suggestions. Can't resist adding ... Read more
Fight or rise for a new reality?
Young woman taking a decision

Striving for a new reality, will we get results when we fight the old? Sure. Will we get greater results when we choose greater and rise? Absolutely. Is pretty much everyone feeling jaded and tired of fighting, and the sustained effort needed for that? You betcha. Read more
A gratitude tsunami coming your way!

You know those times when you're having a moment? The universe has gifted me a magnificent moment...and I'd like to share it, and pay it forward – to you. Read more
Kindly reconsider

I have come to realise that while it is my definite preference to be kind and considerate to others, if it compromises my kindness and consideration towards myself – no deal. How about you? Read more
Hell bent on negativity
hell bent

After sharing an incredible street art image on Facebook an interesting conversation took place. I say interesting because it demonstrates how locked in we can be to a downward spiral, and it can serve as an opportunity to reflect on how we interact with the world... Read more
Does your BODY choose suspense?

When it comes to movies, TV shows and games that are all action, thriller, suspense...what does your body think about it? I can almost hear you say 'Huh?' Read more
A silver lining on a 9/11 cloud

When you look for silver linings on clouds, it is amazing what you can discover. Here is a really wonderful example of that, - an amazing story from a flight attendant on Delta Flight 15, written following 9-11'... Read more
Skeptically open to the unknown

There is room in the world for every point of view, based on personal experience... My life has been greatly enriched by my initially skeptical but open minded curiosity about the has broadened my view beyond my once conventional existence and rocked my world in wondrous ways. Read more
The future is in our hands

Maia looks at the escalation of positive change on the planet and highlights how you are pivotal to the outcome. (Full length article.) Read more
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