Hell bent on negativity

hell bent

After sharing an incredible street art image on Facebook an interesting conversation took place. I say interesting because it demonstrates how locked in we can be to a downward spiral, and it can serve as an opportunity to reflect on how we interact with the world…


I’m sharing it in case it helps anyone to think twice before starting a negative thread – it’s so easy once you start to get on a roll, to get so much momentum that you can’t stop. It can become a habit. Next thing you know, you wake up one morning and you’re negativity central. It’s much harder to claw back from that place than to not flirt with it too much in the first place.


Facebook friend (FF):
Beautiful street 3D art, but unfortunately it also resembles a giant sink hole, which we are seeing everywhere…. thumbs down ..only because of the resemblance to sink holes…


I didn’t think sink hole when I saw it and I still don’t. Each to their own.  I choose to appreciate the artistry and the effect, and how it can remind us that underground caves and caverns can be magical places.




I love underground caverns, those that are easily accessible, I dreamed of a grotto with crystalline blue clear water, I was sitting along the rocky edge watching people canoeing in and out of this grotto, I then saw the tide roll inside this grotto, I know I walked in it but was not going to be able to swim out, then I woke up. Though this street art represents underground caverns, let’s not forget the sink holes that form from nothing.
I’m happy to not think about sink holes.
That’s great for you, that you care not about INNOCENT lives lost from these sink holes…I think I will now say good bye to you ….good day….!!
That’s an interesting point of view.
Immediately after this conversation this Facebook friend (who I have never met) unfriended me. (Saved me the trouble!)
(I would love to credit the artist, but I don’t know who it is. Rex isn’t much to go on!)

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