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Maia has a diverse background, spanning professional roles in public, private and charity sectors, and for a decade running her own public relations consultancy. She is also a qualified Life Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and a published author (non-fiction).

With formal musical training in her childhood Maia was described as a gifted violinist, though preferred improvisation to structured music and so forged her own path, eventually leading to a more intuitive and unconventional style of composing and performing her own music.

From a diverse background spanning professional roles in public, private and charity sectors, her life took an unexpected 180 degree turn into full-time music in 2008. Her journey into therapeutic sound evolved through an ever-deepening exploration of music and people’s response to it. She has created and produced several albums of therapeutic music.

Here is a song with Maia playing the ethereal and rare ‘sound sculpture’ pictured above. This is to offer you just a little tip of the iceberg …
If you have the opportunity to close your eyes and listen for a few minutes (headphones or high-quality speakers essential), you might be surprised at how much it contributes to your day!

While not specific to sound immersions, here’s a bonus sweet song from Maia on YouTube …

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