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At 17, Grace had a near-death experience in a car accident. Through her voice she expresses the profound peace she experienced during that time and has utilised this experience in her offerings of vocal sound healing in support of countless people over decades.

She has had many years experience with sounding instruments of alchemy – including being sought out and trained by His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s official sound healers. She has produced albums as a soloist and in collaboration as Purusha.

Grace creates her music by feeling into what creates stillness. When she sings, her focus is on creating a healing, quiet space for those listening to rest, experience relief from stress and simply be in their hearts. People who have heard Grace sing have described her music and voice as angelic, deeply relaxing, bringing them to tears, easing past hurts and trauma and creating a profound resting space.

Grace has also assisted many people with her psychic insights. For more information please visit The Unseen Advantage

Here is a song of Grace’s to offer you just a little tip of the iceberg …
If you have the opportunity to close your eyes and listen for a few minutes (headphones or high-quality speakers essential), you might be surprised at how much it contributes to your day!

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