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Here you will find assorted resources that I deeply know make a massive contribution to the planet. I have also added some that I’m not as familiar with but appear to be a useful resource. I invite you to trust your own inner wisdom to see what resonates with you. (By the way, what I share and the Woo Woo level I guestimate for each are my point of view, rather than how they might rate themselves.)

Much of this content has helped on my journey from the once miserable me to the happy, sorted, well balanced, peaceful me that I have sustained now over several years in spite of life’s inevitable challenges – I trust it will contribute to you also.

No WooWoo


Prince Ea

There’s this guy who calls himself Prince Ea, and man, what a dude! What a gift he is to the planet! I don’t care what age you are, what gender, what nationality or culture – no matter what you align yourself with – if your heart is beating it will want to feel this guy’s essence and invitation. He really cuts through to the core of things, and to the core of you. His message for humanity is profound, compelling, inspiring and essential. Hats off to this extraordinary, cool, accessible modern day bard.



Back in 2000, I got quite a big surprise when I discovered (while visiting a neighbour whose TV was on) that Oprah covered some really meaningful issues on her show. I had totally discounted the show (and Oprah) based on an assumption that it was all about fashion and hairstyles and weight loss and celebrities. So, with that new awareness I started watching, and my world is a lot richer for it.

I also noticed over the years that the content got deeper and delved more into personal and spiritual evolution. The profound impact Oprah has had – and continues to have – on humanity is quite astounding to me. I believe she is truly one of the brightest shining beacons of light on the planet today.

There is an abundance of fantastic free content on her website and on OWN (her TV network).


Jim Carrey

Does it seem a bit of a surprise to find Jim Carrey in this mix? Did you know he says a lot of incredibly wise and potent things? It’s wonderful to see someone who has access to such a big audience sharing something so profound.


Dr. Phil

Dr Phil has covered a lot of issues on his TV show in a fair, balanced, caring, no nonsense and very effective way, and he has a ton of fantastic free resources on his website. I watched the show regularly for a few years and got a hell of a lot of insight from it. I haven’t watched the show for many years, but it is still going and I assume it’s as good as it was then or better.


Dalai Lama

What a gift the Dalai Lama has been to the world, in countless ways. Many years ago I read one of his books, ‘The Art of Happiness’ and it really crystallised for me just how much capacity we have to train our mind for happiness. It is certainly what I’ve done and I can attest to how effective it is.


Byron Katie

Several years ago I went into a session with my holistic counsellor a totally traumatised basket case. She asked me a few simple questions that completely turned it around. I could not believe how deeply calm, peaceful and liberated I felt. Like flicking a switch, it totally and permanently resolved what had been a deeply upsetting issue.

The questions were ‘The Work’ – very simple tools created by Bryon Katie to end suffering. I have used her materials many times over the years, both personally and while coaching others. Very simple, very powerful. It’s all available free on her website, and you can also watch videos of her asking questions of people who are struggling with all sorts of issues. I highly, highly recommend it.


Marianne Williamson

When Nelson Mandela publicly read out a quote by Marianne Williamson (often mistakenly attributed to Mandela) it took the work of this amazing woman – and the quote – to an even wider audience. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure…(etc.)”

In more recent times she has entered the political arena, and it has been a politically atypical breath of fresh air. While she didn’t get elected, she did bring a whole new dynamic into the ‘game’ and garnered an impressive number of votes. She really represents a ‘new earth’ mentality that is where I believe humanity is heading, and it’s been wonderful to witness the front runners in the rapidly approaching new frontier of politics. I look forward to seeing what she does next!


Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver himself might be surprised to know that I’ve placed him in amongst so many modern ‘gurus’ but he totally deserves to be listed here – talk about a bad vibe buster! He has done such an incredible amount of good in taking on the establishment and the status quo and turning it all on its head. He has led the charge and changed the game and has been almost single-handedly re-writing all the rules about healthy eating and food education.


Viktor Frankl

Many years ago I read an extraordinary book full of profoundly insightful and powerful realisations written by a man who went through so much, ultimately triumphing as a result of those realisations he came to. The man’s name was Viktor Frankl, and the book, ‘Man’s Search for Meaning.’

Applying a core concept from the book has contributed massively to my life, and if everybody applied it it would transform the world. He has quite a different take on what freedom is, and doesn’t look like you think it would. Curious?


Don Miguel Ruiz

Who would have thought that four simple ‘agreements’ for personal freedom could create so much magic? Don Miguel Ruiz‘ advice?

1. Be impeccable with your word
2. Don’t take anything personally
3. Don’t make assumptions
4. Always do your best

The deeper insights for these are all freely available and well worth assimilating.


Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins – who describes himself as an entrepreneur, author and peak performance strategist – has been a leading edge catalyst in personal development since forever! He has paved the way for many who have come after him, who have been inspired by his trail blazing success. There is a quote on personal power he penned that nails it better than anything else I have read.



WooWoo 1


HeartMath Institute combines open-minded exploration with credible science to empower individuals, families, groups and organizations to enhance their life experiences using tools that enable them to better recognize and access their intuitive insight and heart intelligence.


The Journey to Wild Divine is an incredible computer ‘game’ that is actually a magical, meditative journey complete with biofeedback, where you control what happens just with your thoughts and state of mind. Deeply, deeply relaxing, enchanting and engaging.


Here’s a great article for when you feel really thrown by other people’s emotional states:

How to Stop Absorbing People’s Emotions


Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle‘s books, including ‘The Power of Now’ and ‘A New Earth,’ are a total gift to this planet. He is rightfully famous for his teachings, which are profound and life changing. His already high profile was catapulted higher through Oprah championing his work. He is stillness in motion; he is peace in action; he is an invitation into an extraordinary experience of yourself, your life and the world. When you follow his guidance, chaos and confusion morph into spaciousness and stability, peace and clarity. And who wouldn’t want that?

A very interesting insight into the pros and cons of facebook:


Dr. Wayne Dyer

Reading Dr. Wayne Dyer‘s book ‘Real Magic’ back in 1994 (after it synchronistically ended up in my hands at a pivotal point in my life) was a real turning point. It expanded my world, helped me make sense of it all and gave me the clarity and confidence to forge a new life path. Clearly he’s had an impact on millions of others as well – he’s been a perennial source of wisdom for decades and is globally recognised as a modern sage and he has left a legacy of infinte proportions.


Richard Bach

Wow. What can I say? Among his many works, Richard Bach‘s Jonathan Livingston Seagull is perhaps the best known after having been turned into a film. As awesome as it is (and other books of his I have read), the stand out for me is ‘Illusions – The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah.’ Full of pearls in it’s exploration of reality, it’s a very engaging story that would captivate even the most half-hearted of seekers.


Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra is one of the most recognised names in the global personal/spiritual development arena. His body of work is massive, full of gems for the seeker.

Deepak and Oprah chat…


Russell Brand

Whether you love him or hate him (he has a knack for polarising people), Russell Brand is a guy who is doing his bit to give humanity a big shake up. He’s an absolutely inspiring human being in my book – not only for the questions he is asking, the debates he is catalysing, the messages he is sharing and the change he is creating, but also because he speaks straight and is not afraid to be true to himself – expletives included. He might ruffle feathers, some might feel uncomfortable, but he is doing his bit to obliterate the status quo that isn’t working, and for all of the above I applaud him – complete with wolf whistles, a standing ovation and a call for 100 encores. You rock Mr. Brand. Just sayin’ …

WooWoo 2

Conversations With God

Conversations With God is a series of books by Neale Donald Walsch that do an extraordinary job of making sense of so many things – so many everyday things, so many challenges, so many big life and beyond questions – and does so in a totally understandable, accessible, easy to digest way, which is enhanced by wonderful humour throughout.


Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Fabulous book, fabulous movie, fabulous message, the ‘Way of the Peaceful Warrior’
Thank you Dan Millman for this – you guessed it – fabulous creation, fabulous contribution to the planet. Anyone could enjoy this, whether a seeker or not.

Movie trailer…


The Celestine Prophecy

James Redfield’s book ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ is considered a novel, but I’d call it a parable. It follows one man’s journey of self discovery, as a series of synchronicities show up in his life and he decides to flow with them. In spite of his doubts and cynicism, the more he goes with the flow, the more magic shows up. It has much to teach us about how we can potentially live our lives.
(There are several books and an assortment of other goodies on the website)

Movie trailer…

WooWoo 3

Paranormal phenomena/ghost busting

Paraseek offers an assortment of information and links to a range of service providers. There’s also an international directory of Paranormal groups on the U.S.A. Paranormal Societies website.

And here’s an article offering spiritual protection techniques. It’s generally quite a good article, though it overlooks mentioning that the source of light is also within you. When you use light as a protection, you are accessing the universal power of light and love, of which you are an integral and inseparable part. It is far more effective and empowering to BE the light and wield your ‘inner light saber’ than to believe you need to call in light in order to have it or have it help you.

Grace Hart

This ‘amazing Grace’ has expanded my world, saved my ass countless times and even saved my life. She also happens to be my best friend. She’s a potent catalyst, utilising her wisdom and psychic insights to help others gain an unseen advantage. I like to describe her as a ‘conscious loose cannon’ – unpredictable within an unconventional approach that disrupts any status quo that isn’t working.

Her psychic readings totally rock and her coaching capacities are suited to those who are truly open to choosing and creating BIG time change. Think, ‘Wow, talk about rock my world!’ She may not have the same level of global recognition as others I have listed, but she’s every bit as potent.
You’ll find her through Choosing Greater (and yes, that’s a purposeful pun!)


While there has been a big melting pot of influences in my life that are all truly wonderful, Kryon (via Lee Carroll) is top of my list, and the predominant reason I am joyful and peaceful. I have been enjoying and massively benefiting from Kryon’s teachings since 1999. There are so many free offerings on the Kryon website that, coming to it for the first time, you could read and listen for months on end. For those who approach it with an open mind, the treasure on offer unlocks many secrets of the multi-verse, existence and the meaning of life. Many, many things Kryon has said relating to quantum physics, DNA, future inventions and a plethora of other things have ended up either coming into existence or being scientifically proven years later.




Abraham (via Esther Hicks) has the incredible knack of turning any situation – no matter how dire – into a celebration of beingness. Connecting with Abraham’s teachings is an uplifting and powerfully re-framing experience that can re-shape your world in miraculous ways if you choose it and allow it. Tons of free offerings also on YouTube.

Here’s an incredible example via this video – the subject being discussed is Martin Luther King…



FAB websites/articles

It’s time, beautiful peeps, to become A New Kind of Human.

And did you know a Harvard study finds yoga and meditation reduces healthcare cost by 43%?

You might want to check these articles, Top 18 Signs of Toxic People in Your Life and 8 Toxic Behaviors Mentally Strong People Avoid.

And here’s an article about how tree hugging is now scientifically validated.

Imagine the flow on effect of this school program, where one of San Francisco’s toughest schools is transformed by the power of meditation.

Some food for thought in these articles, The Hidden Antidote For Depression and 6 Tips To Help You Overcome Anxiety & Depression Without Using Drugs

Brilliant article from the L.A. Times – How not to say the wrong thing
The ‘Ring Theory’ of kvetching works in all kinds of crises — medical, legal, even existential

How to Turn Anger into Creativity is a wonderfully creative way to do some bad vibe busting.

Here’s a fairly ‘out there’ article: The Energetic Sources of Depression, Addiction, PTSD and Other Life-Draining Dynamics in the Invisible Light Spectrum. While I can’t personally attest to all the information in the article, I’m offering the link here because sometimes when nothing else is working, people are open to exploring other alternatives. What I do know for sure is that there is a much broader reality going on than the fraction of it that we have been able to figure out.


And here are a bunch of fabulous websites for progressive, positive, uplifting news … which busts bad vibes!

Huffington Post
Good News Network
Alternative News Project

Daily Good
Wake Up World
Good News
Optimist World
Good News Shared
Good News Agency

Power of Positivity


Some ‘clicktivism’ options

If you’ll like to add your click to a good cause, sign a petition, start a petition and/or share awesome campaigns on social media, here are a few fabulous websites to visit. The results they have been getting individually and collectively are astounding, uplifting, empowering and massively important for our collective future. There are lots of other websites out there doing similar things, which is to be celebrated! All available to you through your Google fingertips!

Avaaz - The World in Action
The Sum of Us – Fighting For People Over Profits
Change – The World’s Platform For Change
GetUp! - Action for Australia



Treatment Modalities



The efficacy and potency of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) first surprised me back in 1993 when, as a serious sports competitor, I tried using some of the techniques I read in a sports psychology book in preparation for a championship. The improvement in my performance was significant and instantly noticeable – so much so that it actually shocked me (in a good way!) In spite of a bad draw, I won the championship. Years later I went on to train as an NLP practitioner, and then as a Master Practitioner. I have used this modality in support of my life and in coaching others. It has been, and continues to be, a massive contribution.



I was curious about the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT – also known as ‘Tapping’) and went a long to a workshop several years ago. Knocked my socks off! Profound! I’ve since used it from time to time and it works a treat. Of particular note, on my last international trip I tried a combination of tapping (for just a few minutes) and earthing (bare feet on the ground for 20-30 minutes) as a remedy for jet lag. I have travelled internationally many times and the difference was massive – not only did it kick the jet lag’s butt – it actually energised me. One could think tapping a little strange, and perhaps be suspicious on the grounds that it can’t be that easy, but the results speak for themselves, and there is some serious science backing it up.


The School of Philosophy

Attending a short course in ‘practical philosophy’ via The School of Philosophy back in 1999 was a turning point in my life. I went on to participate in several more of their offerings and it has had a huge and very positive impact on my life.
(I have not come across a global website, so I’m sharing the website of the Brisbane School I attended, both for general information and for the About Us links to all locations globally.)


Here’s a list of some of our favourite movies that bust bad vibes by communicating great messages in potent and entertaining ways.
You can search here for more details and reviews.


Comedy with a great message

Monsters Inc.
Inside Out
Groundhog Day
Bruce Almighty

Drama based on true stories

Amazing Grace
Coach Carter
Patch Adams
The Pursuit of Happyness

Fictional drama

Peaceful Warrior
The Matrix
Life is Beautiful
What Dreams May Come

‘Reality TV’ type of movie length doco/story

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
Supersize Me

Documentary-movie hybrid enlightening entertainment

What the Bleep Would We Know
The Secret


Garbage Warrior


I choose this drug! Do you?

This video reminds us of the greatest high of all!

Plus some helpful articles:

7 Ways to Increase the Good Vibes in Your Home

The Art of Fighting Without Fighting

Spiritual Emergencies: Understanding and Treatment of Psychospiritual Crises

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