A gratitude tsunami coming your way!


You know those times when you’re having a moment?

The universe gifted me a magnificent moment…and I’d like to share it, and pay it forward – to you.

Everyone likes to be appreciated, and from various conversations over time I was already aware of most of the gratitude that came my way at a recent lunch with half a dozen friends on a random sunny day…BUT this was different.

Just imagine what it would feel like if various expressions of appreciation over time all lasered into one spontaneous moment and synergised into a big wave of energy that swooshed over you… a massive tsunami of love and gratitude all at once.

Uh huh…that amazing.

Flowing out of a conversation we were having, one friend started the gratitude rave. That triggered another friend to add to it, then another leap-frogged off that, then another until everyone at the table had linked themselves into a collective story in which I was apparently the ringleader.

The sudden chink, chink, chink of it dropping into my awareness in quick succession was the kind of head warp anyone would be happy to have. As the next person and the next person added their bit…chink, chink, chink…the realisation grew. All the threads synchronistically co-woven with me that connected everyone at the table to each other; to what it created in their lives and what they have gone on to create out of that, touching many more lives. Relationships and friendships had been forged; new career paths, business partnerships and creative collaborations were developed; workshops were held all over Australia…the stories kept coming. They were palpably immersed in gratitude and all at the same time they sent it my way. As I soaked up the big wave of energy washing over me, I ‘got it’ on a whole new level.

This glorious gratitude wave came at an interesting point in my life – after a year of being immersed in solo time and low key everything, with my work on hold and my social life on ice. As much as I had been flowing with all that and it felt right, questions had arisen in my mind on occasion. Should I be doing more? I have so much to contribute and yet I’m doing so little…am I wasting precious time?

As I sat with the enormity of what I had contributed to everyone in front of me – and via them to so many others – it was a beautiful reminder of something we rarely reflect on. Everywhere we go, everything we do, we are creating ripples. We are shaping the history of the planet; we are weaving the fabric of the universe. (No pressure!)

Can you ever really wrap your head around all the contributions you have made? All the ripples and rivulets you’ve created as you flow along this river of life? (…I’m guessing that would be a no! Where would you even begin?)

It reminds me of an old movie, ’It’s a Wonderful Life‘  where the main character gets to experience life in his town as it would have been if he had never been born. I highly recommend it to anyone who is tempted to think they are not having an impact, or not doing enough.

Everyone has done enough to receive waves of gratitude. If you haven’t had such a moment spontaneously gifted to you as I was so fortunate to have had, I invite you to close your eyes and create a gathering for yourself.

It’s been proven scientifically that the unconscious mind can’t tell the difference between real and imagined, so why not imagine a bunch of people who you know have gratitude for you and for what you have contributed to their lives? Why not gift yourself how it feels to have all of them beaming at you and appreciating you? You can receive the energy of that even if they are not physically in front of you.

Enjoy being immersed in a tsunami of gratitude, and thank you for being you, being here on the planet, and making a difference in multitudinous ways waaaaaaaaaay far past what you could ever comprehend. How amazing is that?

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